Services and Offerings

Mediumship and Psychic Reading

1 hour | $150

This 1:1 online zoom mediumship session is dedicated to connect you to your departed loved ones in spirit. 

Capturing their essence and passing on communication filled with healing and love.

Often during mediumship sessions June may receive psychic insight or intuitive guidance to relay as well.

But please note, this reading is mainly for passed over spirit communication and if you prefer psychic insight and guidance, please see below to book Psychic Reading.

June’s mediumship readings provide comfort and are delivered with gentle empathy.

Psychic / Intuitive guidance and Card Reading

1 hour | $180

If you are at a crossroad on your life’s path, are feeling like you’re missing something but don’t know what, or are just in need of some gentle loving guidance from your spirit team this 1:1 online zoom psychic reading is for you.

Allow June to interpret and relay messages that have the intention to serve you and your highest self.

Experience yourself and what you are truly capable of through spirit.

Please note- If you are seeking communication with departed loved ones, we recommend booking the above mediumship read.

3 cards will be pulled at the conclusion of this session to affirm in any guidance received.

Pave the way for a future that is in alignment with your highest potential.


Readings provided are intended for guidance and enlightenment. Ultimately, the choices you make and the actions you take are entirely your own responsibility and choice. It must be emphasized that these readings are not a substitute for legal, medical, financial, psychological, or business advice. They are open to your interpretation and judgment, and for legal reasons, are considered for entertainment purposes only. While these services can be deeply insightful, it is crucial to consult qualified experts for professional guidance in specific areas of life.

By booking a reading you are agreeing to June Mac terms and conditions.


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