Spirit Guide Masterclass


Make a connection with your spirit guides


Who are your spirit guides and why do you want to connect with them?

For me, the most integral part of my psychic development was creating, maintaining and growing a personal connection with my spirit guides.

It is our birth given right, to work with and use our own personal light beings to enhance our life and bring it back into beautiful flow.

This master class will cover.

  • How to invite in and start a connection with your spirit guides
  • Who your spirit guide team is made up of
  • How to work with them to enhance many areas of your life
  • How to differentiate their messages from our own thoughts


PLUS Meet your spirit guide meditation

$33 for the class alone (or Click here to see The Little Psychic School membership- $44 to join my spiritual learning library community, where this masterclass and SO much more psychic development is included)

Level 1 class, suitable for beginners-  Reach out if you have any questions.

Video via private Facebook group or can be emailed.


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