Learn to read cards program


Intuitively learn to read oracle and tarot cards



My learn to read Cards program!

A non traditional, non technical way of reading oracle and tarot cards. Methods based on building your own intuition and psychic gifts.

The opportunity to get good fast! Learn to read for yourself and read for others.

  1. About oracle cards and using cards to improve intuition- 25 mins
  2. 2. About Tarot cards- 29 mins
  3. Choosing your decks- 9 mins
  4. Bonding with your decks- 27 mins
  5. Cleansing, clearing and charging cards- 13 mins
  6. Getting started with card reading- Intuitive methods. Get good quick!-32 mins
  7. Reading for yourself vs. reading for others- 32 mins
  8. Practice makes perfect- 39 mins
  9. Traditional Tarot spreads with guest speaker Meagan Jean- Intuitive healer and psychic empath- 1hr 13 mins

PLUS- Card Club accompanying EBOOK by June Mac

Card Spread EBOOK by guest Meagan Jean

$44 for the program alone (or Click here to see The Little Psychic School membership- $44 to join my spiritual learning library community, where this masterclass and SO much more psychic development is included) 


Videos via private Facebook group or can be emailed.


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