Intuition Masterclass- Level 1


Connect to and enhance your intuition


When we connect to and enhance our intuition your entire life can change for the better.

I know mine sure did!

Having a strong sense of intuition is our natural state of being. Let me teach you to remember how to get back there.

-Learn your psychic senses and how to continue to improve them

-The basics of connecting with your spirit guides and how we can give them permission to enter our lives

-Divination tools that help with development

-The basics of energy and how can read it

-Practices to continue to grow your intuition daily



Audio which accompanies masterclass.


Level 1 class, suitable for beginners-  Reach out if you have any questions.

April 13th 3pm,

Can’t join us live- replay is available

Video via private Facebook group or can be emailed.

$33 for class alone   (or Click here to see The Little Psychic School membership- $44 to join my spiritual learning library community, where this masterclass and SO much more psychic development is included) 


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