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This supportive psychic community is a part of my Intuition and Psychic expansion Program for beginners- The Program which has it all and takes you step by step on your journey to becomming a ‘Little Psychic”
( However, you can join this community without the program 🙂 )

This is the spiritual space you have been looking for!
An online library full of Psychic and Intuitive training material. PLUS MONTHLY

-LIVE ZOOM group psychic mentoring sessions-

During this mentoring sessions:
 -I will meet you where you are at on your intuitive/psychic or even spiritual business journey and we can discuss your intuitive progress. Any fears, doubts or experiences you are currently facing spiritually or in your light worker business

-Regular support means success rates are high in achieving your intuitive or starting your own spiritual business gaols.
We work on tangible steps together to get you the outcome you’re looking for and keep you motivated.

June has over 10 years experience in running small businesses and is a professional Psychic, Healer and Reiki master PLUS
The community is filled with many incredible intuitives, psychics, healers and mediums at different stages of their spiritual expansion who often happen to assist you in your learning too. Not to mention the many friendships that have been formed in this magical and powerful space!

-LIVE ZOOM group psychic practice with June-

-I will set you up with all the tools you need to start practicing your new intuitive skills 
-Practise in real time on other members.
-I’ll gently guide you throughout this process
-These sessions are purely for practice and there is no pressure to perform or know what you’re doing! I will pair new comers with either myself or other group members of the same level for practice.
-The best way to move yourself forward in your abilities is to practice practice practice!
-Uncover and exceed your potential in this fun group environment.
-Learn long term exercises and practises you can integrate into your life moving forward.
You are also welcome to attend the zooms and simply observe too 

We meet at least bi-weekly for psychic mentoring and practise

Dates and times are posted into the group and emailed to you at the beginning of each month. If you can’t make them live, each session is recorded for your learning and for play back later.

Also every month watch, learn and even receive readings from other developing psychics & mediums who channel information from spirit in a group live zoom. Many of who have mentored under June. Or if you are a light worker yourself, join in the fun and channel from spirit as part of the showcase too!

The Little psychic school prides the theme of community over competition in the spiritual space. Use the monthly showcase as a chance to practise, learn from others as well as one day if you wish, exposure for your own biz!



Incredible Value already inside the membership! Videos ready to watch and consume NOW!


My learn to read Cards program!

A non traditional, non technical way of reading oracle and tarot cards. Methods based on building your own intuition and psychic gifts.

The opportunity to get good fast! Learn to read for yourself and read for others.

  1. About oracle cards and using cards to improve intuition- 25 mins
  2. 2. About Tarot cards- 29 mins
  3. Choosing your decks- 9 mins
  4. Bonding with your decks- 27 mins
  5. Cleansing, clearing and charging cards- 13 mins
  6. Getting started with card reading- Intuitive methods. Get good quick!-32 mins
  7. Reading for yourself vs. reading for others- 32 mins
  8. Practice makes perfect- 39 mins
  9. Traditional Tarot spreads with guest speaker Meagan Jean- Intuitive healer and psychic empath- 1hr 13 mins 

PLUS- Card Club accompanying EBOOK by June Mac

Card Spread EBOOK by guest Meagan Jean


The Little Psychic School membership ALSO includes; Exclusive masterclasses and workshops.


Intuition & Psychic senses archive


-Shadow work masterclass by guest Kirsten Albon – Intuitive womens guide and healer


-Clairvoyance (psychic seeing) and Clairaudience (psychic hearing) interactive workshop with June Mac

-Claircognisance (psychic knowing) and Clairsentience (psychic feeling) interactive workshop with June Mac

-Exclusive psychic senses activation meditation by June Mac

-Third eye activation meditation by June Mac

-Drop into your heart space guided meditation by June Mac

-5 steps to improving your intuition PDF

Spirit Guides archive


-Meet your spirit guides meditation by June Mac

Empath & Energy maintenance archive


-Energy & Aura clearing meditation by June Mac

-Call back your power meditation for empaths by June Mac

Pendulum archive

ALL of this PLUS regular psychic coaching, practise, learning and community for only $44 AUD a month!

Stay for as long as you like, no lock ins (minimum stay 1 month)

Limited time pricing!
Locked in price for founding members

Other video learning also includes
Mediumship & Energy Healing archive!

Lyndy Jewell- Psychic Medium guest live
Saffron Louise- Energy translator guest live
Kirsten Albon- Intuitive womens guide guest live

New to the archive;

The basics of mediumship live with June Mac.
The ins and outs of getting started as a medium.
Chakra Healing and tune up meditation by June Mac
Workshop with June on developing your Clairvoyance and Clairaudience (Psychic seeing and hearing).
Suitable for all levels and learn many priceless key take aways to continue to grow and push your psychic abilities long after the workshop is over.
Workshop with June on developing your Clairsentiense and Claircognizance (Psychic feeling and knowing).
Suitable for all levels and learn many priceless key take aways to continue to grow and push your psychic abilities long after the workshop is over.
Journey into the Akasha and meet your Akashic masters visualisation with June Mac
Introduction to the Akashic records with Claire Veronica- Akashic record channel and intuitive healer
Guest live with psychic medium Lyndy Jewell. Lyndy Jewell Psychic Medium & Healing
Mediumship advice from someone who’s been in the game long term!
Guest live with Energy Translator Saffron Louise- Quantum and Intuitive Kinesiology 
Healing energy
Guest live with Intuitive womens guide Kirsten Albon
Shadow work Masterclass
Guest lives and workshop with Nadia Gledhill- QHHT practitioner
Talking past life regression and QHHT
Past life regression meditation exercise


The starting price of $44 AUD a month will be locked in forever price as a thank you for our founding members.

Minimum of 1 month sign up. Devour all the content then opt out by simply unsubscribing via your Paypal at any time!

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All material can be accessed via my website using your phone, pc or laptop.

We also use ZOOM for the live coaching and practice and

A private Facebook group is used for the community. However, Facebook is optional, you can still access coaching via zoom and I will send you the links via email.

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