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Your Spiritual Learning Library & Psychic Development Community.
Live Workshops, Readings, Masterclasses, Guest Speakers & a safe space to practise and develop.

This is the spiritual space you have been looking for!

An online library full of spiritual development material which is added to EVERY month!

The LSC is also a supportive community where you can feel safe to learn and even practise (if you wish) your own psychic skills!

Monthly mini guidance readings in a group setting zoom with June Mac.
These are safe space readings and will NOT be recorded.

Also every month watch, learn and even receive readings from other developing psychics & mediums who channel information from spirit in a group live zoom. Many of who have mentored under June. Or if you are a light worker yourself, join in the fun and channel from spirit as part of the showcase too!
The Light Seekers Circle prides the theme of community over competition in the spiritual space. Use the monthly showcase as a chance to practise as well as for exposure

PLUS Live interactive psychic group coaching workshops with June Mac!

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