About me

International Psychic Medium
-June Mac-

My whole life has been full of sporadic spiritual experiences and synchronicities.

I had constant dreams of events that would end up playing out in my real life, times I just knew something was about to happen, “Imaginary friends” – who I now believe were anything but “Imaginary”, or even just those gut feelings that someone or a certain situation wasn’t right for me.

Slowly as I got older these experiences started to speed up and intensify, and some time around 2019, after the birth of my second child.

It had progressed to waking up to spirit people standing over me in bed or random images just floating around, right in front of my face.

I’d even hear noises of knocking on the door plain as day!

Note: There was NEVER anyone actually there!

About me

"I now believe this was spirit waking me up and calling me in"

At the time I was so confused, What did it all mean?

I now believe this was spirit waking me up and calling me in.

Urging me to surrender and start working with them, rather than pull the shutters down and pretend it wasn’t happening.

I’ll be honest though, back then, it scared the absolute crap out of me.

I had no idea how to control when it would happen and how to make it happen. So, I finally invested in learning.

To begin with my intention was curiosity and hoping to at least improve my intuition. But within a very short amount of time everything snow balled! You see I wasn’t learning from scratch.




” I wake up every day excited to do what I do and I feel like I’m adding some light to the world. ”


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